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About the Artist

Doug Pedersen, artist

Doug grew up in a world  full of wildlife and adventure exploring the forests & valleys of Oregon.  It was at a early age he appreciated the created world with all its beauty & uniqueness.  Doug has been creating art almost all of his life. He’s been involved in making art with many mediums including drawing, acrylics, oils, water color, concrete, metal, wood, photography and digital art.  For almost 30 years he’s made a living doing commercial art.  An avid birder, naturalist & citizen scientist, Doug has loved doing photography for over 50 years.  In the last five years he’s grown to appreciate "painting" via this digital art medium as a way of expressing the outdoor world as he sees it.  A long-time Alberta, Canada resident he is a member of and donates time to both the Red Deer River Naturalists and the Rocky Mountain Eagle Research Foundation.

Artist Statement

My art represents what is created and the stewardship of it.  Nature is a gift to take note of and embrace with all my senses, fragile yet so strong, a reminder of what I love and where I’ve been.

Everything you see is my original art whether it's my own photography, my own hand drawings and my painting, or a combination of any of these, to make and compile what it is I see and feel.

Why this type of art?


To experience & absorb afresh nature, the quiet, feel the dew upon my skin, the cool air,  inhale the organic smells.


I borrow from nature, what exists,

I capture what I see,

I create what I have discovered.

Doug on Sturgeon.jpg
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