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Pronghorn Song

Pronghorn Song

Western Meadowlark serenades two Pronghorn on the prairie

  • Price is for 30x18x1.5" canvas*

Two young pronghorns resting on the open prairies, one keeping an eye on

her mother grazing on the northern mixed grasses. A Western Meadowlark lands nearby to sing from his repertoire of melodious songs to the two who will hear it often as they travel over the western North American Grasslands.

  • Note:

    • Canvas Giclee gallery print, 50 limited-edition only; ready-to-hang, archival quality artwork.  Custom canvas sizes available - please contact.
    • Fine Art archival paper (100% cotton "velvet rag"), 100 limited-editions only, to mount, frame & hang yourself.
    • *Please see Formats page for more detail.

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