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Golden Morning Thermals

Golden Morning Thermals

Golden Eagles (Aquila chrysaetos)

  • Price is for 16x29x1.5" canvas*

As the sun comes up over the prairie on a clear morning, its rays begin to heat the first thing it sees, the rocky mountain peaks.  As the sun warms the rock on the peaks it causes the now warm air to rise thus creating thermals.  It is these thermals that gift lift to the Golden Eagle helping them to their path in the sky for their migratory journey.  In Kananaskis these peak migrations happen in mid-March north to their summer nesting & hunting grounds then back again mid-October to their southern wintering grounds.

  • Note:

    • Canvas Giclee gallery print, 50 limited-edition only; ready-to-hang, archival quality artwork.  Custom canvas sizes available - please contact.
    • Fine Art archival paper (100% cotton "velvet rag"), 100 limited-editions only, to mount, frame & hang yourself.
    • *Please see Formats page for more detail.

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